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Top 8 Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

Rose Petals On The Bed For Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and if you're looking to do some last minute shopping, try to go for something different outside of the traditional flowers, boxes of chocolate, and cute , irresistible oversized teddy bear. This is why we’ve decided to put together a gift guide to help you spice it up and wow your Valentine this year. Here are our top 8 Valentine’s Day gifts for her.

1. Intimate Earth Arousal Serums

Intimate-Earth Discover G-Spot Stimulating Serum

Nothing is more arousing than Intimate Earth’s Arousal Serums, which are sure to boost intimacy levels between you and your partner. One serum we recommend is our Discover G-Spot Serum that is available in a 30ml airless pump. Unlike other personal glides and enhancement serums, Intimate Earth’s products contain no menthol and uses Japanese Peppermint oil instead. Our Discover G-Spot Pleasure Glide is available for download here on our website.

2. Chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

This enticing, devilishly good combination of chocolate and strawberries is a classic sweet treat gone wild. An ideal complement on Valentine’s Day, this treat will satisfy all your chocolatey, fruit-filled needs.

You can either order a special gourmet selection from your desired vendor of choice, or you can simply make them yourself!

It’s a dreamy, creamy dessert that delights with every bite.

3. Intimate Earth Signature Glides

Intimate Earth Sooth Anal Antibacterial Glide

A sexy way of sharing an intimate bond is with Intimate Earth’s signature glides. Each glide has its own unique blend of the finest natural ingredients to suit your preference. For those who are adventurous and want a bit of a thrill in the bedroom, try out the Soothe Anti-Bacterial Anal Glide. It is ultra-thick water based with a unique formula blend of guava bark extract and completely paraben free. This glide provides maximum lubrication making it a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both partners. These signature glides redefines intimacy on a level that will leave her craving for more!

4. Intimate Earth Oral Pleasure Glides

Intimate Earth Wild Cherries Oral Pleasure Glide

Looking to add a little more flavor in your sex life? You can start with Intimate Earth’s Oral Pleasure Glides, which are natural water based and gluten-free. These come in three different flavors such as Wild Cherries, Salted Caramel, and Fresh Strawberries. They are safe to ingest and they just ooze with sweet goodness. Highly recommend! Consider them sensational desserts that always pleases.

5. Candles

Romantic Candles with Rose

There’s something about candles that just never fails to set the perfect mood on an anticipated night of romance and passion. Everything from the scent, the placement, and the radiance of the candles transforms any setting into a mesmerizing one.

6. Lingerie

This one’s a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t want to see their partner in red hot lingerie on the night of Valentine’s Day? Lingerie comes in many different styles, some of which also flatter certain body types as well. For this reason, be careful as it can be tricky when figuring out sizes and shapes. You don’t necessarily have to buy her a bodysuit with the corsets (unless she is open to that). However, if she’s a little more modest, opt to buy a slip or nightgown which are still as sensuous and flimsy as it leaves a little more mystery. A little bit of mystery can be so sexy.

7. Intimate Earth Aromatherapy Massage Oils

Intimate Earth Awake Aromatherapy Massage Oil

Massages will never go out of style. We all need one to loosen up tense and sore muscles. Intimate Earth has just the trick to help ease the unpleasant aches with aromatherapy massage oils. Each of these massage oils contains the highest quality natural oils and authentic natural fragrances. Almond oil is the main ingredient and the most nourishing for the skin. You can choose from a variety of scents and create your own signature scent!

8. Sexy Adult Games

Sex Stack

Who says Valentine’s Day has to be so serious? It’s ok to have a little fun and not worry about making everything look like a scene out of a movie. Games are a great way to break the ice. In this case, playing a naughty game can keep things fresh and exciting for both partners. Sex Stack is a sexy take on Jenga that brings the gameplay to a whole new level with activity cards that will turn the heat up!

Have a happy and sexy Valentine's Day!

Love naturally...

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