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Why The Sounds Of Sex Matter

Moaning, grunting, heavy breathing, bed squeaking, and dirty talking are all of the things that I particularly find incredibly sexy during lovemaking. I don’t care whether the lights are on or off, but what turns me on is the sounds made within those bedroom walls. Don’t be mistaken by the sounds you hear in those over exaggerated porn videos. What I’m referring to is what comes out naturally between partners. The feel-good sounds of passion that lets you know you and your partner are doing something right can really make for an unforgettable bedroom session.

Moans To Bring Out The Best

Have you ever wondered why most women moan during sex? If you’re guessing it has to do with reaching climax, well, that’s part of the equation. A study conducted by Gayle Brewer of University of Liverpool and Colin A Hendrie of University of Leeds concluded that copulatory vocalization often occurred before intercourse and simultaneously with male ejaculation. During their findings, they collected data from 71 sexually active heterosexual women with ages ranging from 18 to 48 about their vocalizations. 92% of the women in this study strongly felt that moaning will boost their partner’s self-esteem and 87% of those women moan for that purpose. 66% of the same women say they moan to so that their partner will reach climax faster.

Try not to get caught up with all of these numbers because they probably don’t mean anything at the end of the day.

Truthfully, sex just feels so damn good to not moan, and we’ll leave it at that!

Why do moans turn us on?

Let’s go deeper. Why is moaning so arousing to our ears? Moans are just sexy period. It’s an indicator that lets our partner know that we’re enjoying what’s happening, and vice versa. Also, it’s a great way of letting each other know what we want more of during the act. It’s only natural to allow yourself to respond to the pleasure that you are receiving.

“If your partner stimulates somewhere and you feel your throat tighten, don't be shy about letting it out,” she says. “Trying to force moans may confuse your partner even if you aren't familiar with each other, but if you want to let them know they're doing a good job, even quiet noises and gasps can add to the mood.”

Don’t be afraid to express yourself. This is your time to release that energy and to be vocal about what feels good.

“Talk dirty to me”

Dirty talk can be a lot of fun. It can bring out a side of you that your partner never knew existed, or even if you didn’t know ever existed. I understand everyone has different preferences, but if you’re one who enjoys dirty talk then you’ll know what I mean when I say that it can be such a tease but a good tease. A tease in the sense that it will leave you begging for more. Inserting a few curse words in between can also be a surprise and can be a highlight of your naughty side.

Maybe the lovemaking music isn’t needed after all?

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