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About us

Our Story


In 2008, we started off as Intimate Organics and rebranded 8 years later as Intimate Earth, which allowed us to widen our market and emphasize the rich elements of the earth into our packaging artwork. We believe that nature is the right alternative. We are modern apothecary. The brand Intimate Earth was formulated and designed exclusively by women. 


Let's reconnect with nature and intimacy again... love naturally. 


Our Values


The name Intimate Earth perfectly fits what this brand is about, which is making nature-inspired, vegan products that will increase excitement and intimacy between partners. In starting this company, we knew that we wanted to offer products with ingredients that are simple and organic with no animal testing. By the same token, we wanted to make products that do not have the harmful chemicals found in many personal care products such as paraben preservatives, glycerin, menthol, etc. We want to accentuate positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle. Due to our core beliefs, Intimate Earth is the natural choice for enhancing intimate moments. 


Our Team


Intimate Earth recognizes the need to concentrate on people rather than the unessentials. We encourage an environment with a strong sense of purpose, achievement drive, and creative climate. We place great emphasis on quality and service as we continuously strive to improve customer satisfaction and credibility. As we continue to display a high level of empathy in customer relations, we have excelled in building long-term relationships with our customers. Discovering and nurturing new ideas and approaches creates a unique value, which contributes to our growth. What sets us apart is our love for challenging conventional paths that make us extremely versatile. 


Our Product 


All Intimate Earth products are vegan, cruelty free, certified organic, and gluten free. As the ideal choice for the health conscious, we are dedicated to the power of education as we know that educated consumers make healthier purchasing choices. 


Our products go beyond the norm in that they consist of the following:


  • Organic extracts

  • Not tested on animals

  • Award winning formulas

  • Highest quality ingredients

  • Condom friendly

  • Gluten free

  • PH Balanced 


There are five different product categories in the Intimate Earth collection including enhancement serums, signature glides, natural flavors glides, massage oils, and toy cleaners. This wide range of elegant, healthy sexual wellness products are essential ingredients to a healthy sex life that our customers have come to expect. Because of this, we have built a large following of satisfied and loyal customers. 


Ultimately, we want people to feel good about the origin of the products they choose for intimacy. Indulge your senses with Intimate Earth. 


Let’s Connect


It’s always wonderful to be able to connect with our customers who share their stories and experiences with our products.


Be sure to connect with us on our social pages if you do want to get a first look at updates from us. 


Here is our social handle: @intimateearth 








Youtube: Intimate Earth 

Indulge your senses with Intimate Earth.

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