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Sex Can Wait Because Yeast Infections Are Unsexy

Discovering that you have a vaginal yeast infection can be embarrassing news, especially right before getting caught in the heat of passion. Yeast infection is just plain uncomfortable and unsexy, but you should probably know more about it than that. It is so common that about 75% of women will experience it at least once in their lifetimes. Luckily, yeast infections are curable and there are over-the-counter treatments you can pick up at a local drug store. Once treated, symptoms will eventually fade away in 48 hours, and the infection will be cured in about a week. During treatment, we recommend abstaining from sex, as it can worsen symptoms. Here is why.

Yeast infections can be passed on to your partner

Yeast infection is a fungal infection that can cause several symptoms in the vagina such as burning sensation, itching, irritation, discharge with a cottage cheese appearance, unpleasant smell, etc. Though it is not considered an STI, it can still be passed on to your partner if you engage in unprotected sex (including oral). Protected sex can reduce the chances of passing the infection to your partner, but vaginal soreness and irritation can still persist. Once again, yeast infections are not serious, and can be curable, but it is best to abstain from sex after the infection is completely treated.

Symptoms can last longer

Having sex with a yeast infection will only cause the symptoms to worsen and last longer. Friction from penetration will cause more swelling and intensify irritation in the vagina. Many treatments such as creams or tablets contain oil can cause condom breakage and weaken diaphragms. Simply refraining from sex will make the healing process faster.

Sex will not be as pleasurable

As mentioned earlier, sex will most likely be painful and uncomfortable. Sex is meant to be pleasurable and enjoyable. The thought of having a yeast infection is already disturbing enough, and that is a thought you would not want lingering in your mind during the act. It is better to wait until the infection is completely cured, and by that time your mind will finally be at ease.

How to reduce the risk of yeast infections

There are several ways of reducing your risk of getting a yeast infection. Try to avoid wearing tight underwear made with nylon. Instead, opt for breathable and absorbent underwear made out of cotton. Minimize the amount of time spent in drenched sportswear or bathing suits to decrease your chances of getting the infection. Products such as Intimate Earth’s Defense Natural Protection Formula Glide can assist in the protection against yeast infections because of their unique premium water based PH formula blended with sea kelp and guava bark. Moreover, Defense gets rid of the infection’s smell instead of masking it, leaving you feeling noticeably fresh. For best results, we recommend that women apply it daily with small amounts to help maintain healthy microflora and prevent yeast infection. Love naturally.

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