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So You're Sexually Frustrated... What Now?

You’re in your bed and you look over to realize nobody is there. Almost every night you try find different ways of unleashing the sexual energy that has been locked deep inside, but what’s the point if it’s all just going to waste at the end? "Pleasure cruising" gets old. Sometimes it gets tiring. It doesn’t help that TV shows just so happen to be filled with steamy, beautifully choreographed sex scenes. Yes, some of those scenes are obviously unrealistic and ridiculously gratuitous, but even then it’s deliciously titillating. (Thanks Hollywood!) It also seems that we don’t have to do much searching online for porn these days either. It just shows up unexpectedly in our social media! So here you are, reading this blog and wanting answers. I get it. I get you. Let’s end this madness.


Before we go straight into the list of “things to do while being sexually frustrated”, I’d like to address this first. This feeling you’re having is actually not as uncommon as you think, so please don’t feel like you’re some disoriented, wild freak. Because the truth is, you’re not alone. Don’t believe me? Take it to Google and search “I’m sexually frustrated” and you’ll get a myriad of results of women & men expressing their dissatisfaction about their sex lives. There is nothing to be embarrassed about. Or if you want, you can take the new school approach and search Twitter for direct responses. Either way, you may find comfort in knowing that this many people feel trapped in your same situation. Therefore, you very well are not the disoriented, wild freak you may have thought you were earlier. Yay!

Like Marie De Salle says in the movie “High Fidelity”, “Why should we be denied our basic human rights?”

Basic human rights, indeed.


It’s time to get to the raw facts. There are many signs that may indicate that you are indeed sexually frustrated. If your browser history is filled with pages of porn site visits, then there is definitely a good chance that you are well into your dry spell. Perhaps, it’s time to clear your search history. In fact, if you find yourself really engaged into the storylines in porn forgetting that it’s fantasy, not only should you clear your history, but you should also step away from the computer!

Other signs can also entail having several sex dreams of your ex, considering a sexting buddy, checking the mailman out (not that there aren’t any hot mailmen!), and asking your friend for a comprehensive story of their intimate night with their partner. Yes, it’s time that we fix this problem.


Alright, ok. Keep in mind that it’s better to remain calm in such an emotionally charged situation. There are a few ways to go about doing this. You can do the following:

  1. Shift your energy elsewhere as in taking up a hobby or some physical activity.

  2. If you’re in a relationship, communicate your lack of lovin’ with your partner. This is something they MUST know as it can damage the relationship the longer this continues.

  3. If you’re single, you always have the option of finding someone to have sex with if you’re just looking to get laid. No judgement here as long as it’s consensual. Just be sure this is with someone you can trust and make sure your intentions are clear if you’re not looking to get any strings attached.

  4. Continue “taking care of business” yourself. What’s another 5 years right?! To also help matters, go ahead and buy those lubricants and massage oils you’ve been pondering over. Of course, I suggest Intimate Earth! It’s only natural.

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