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Relax Aromatherapy Massage Oil Review

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Intimate Earth - Relax Aromatherapy Massage Oil Lemon Grass & Coconut

It’s no surprise that in this day and age people are gravitating towards healthy lifestyles. Veganism has increased in popularity over the last decade, and very much so that there is an increase in demand for more vegan friendly products. From food, clothes, drinks, daily essentials, it was obvious that there was an opportunity to expand that into the sexual wellness realm. Intimate Earth offers products rich with organic ingredients making it the ideal choice for any health-conscious person. What makes Intimate Earth stand out from other lubricant brands is their subtle yet invigorating aesthetic. Yes, the products are considered adult novelty items, but the company isn’t your typical over-the-top sexy brand. There is a sense of balance between sexy and elegant when it comes to Intimate Earth. This week’s product spotlight goes to Relax Aromatherapy Massage Oil.

Paradise in a bottle

Love Naturally - Relax Aromatherapy Massage Oil by Intimate Earth

Relax Lemongrass & Coconut massage oil is a popular item. This massage oil is pretty much paradise found in a bottle! Bursts of lemon and coconut scent instantly escapes as soon as it’s open. What I found impressive about this massage oil is its advanced, lightweight formula that glides on easily and leaves the skin feeling noticeably vibrant and velvety. The fact that it’s paraben free also puts my mind at ease since I am particular about what I put on my skin. Parabens are chemicals that many cosmetic companies use as preservatives in their products. Several studies have been published about the harmful effects of parabens such as it being absorbed through the skin, which increase risk of breast cancer cell growth and development of skin cancer. Intimate Earth is all about giving people the option to make a healthy choice with their organic, vegan friendly products.


Woman relaxing in nightgown

Relax is such a fitting name for this massage oil. Immediately, you will feel a relaxing sensation all over once the oil is applied. Its glow-boosting effect adds a nice glimmer on the skin as well, which can heighten the intimacy between partners when giving a sensual body massage.

The secret-but-not-so-secret ingredient


Almond oil is the main ingredient in all of Intimate Earth’s aromatherapy massage oils. It is more nourishing than hemp or soybean oil and lasts much longer on the skin. One of the major benefits about almond oil is that it helps in keeping your hair and skin look radiant. Almond oil is light in texture and easily absorbs into the skin. Other benefits of almond oil include: battles aging, diminishes dark puffy circles underneath eyes, fades scars, eases sunburns, reduces any skin inflammation, etc.

Other uses

Woman relaxing in the tub drinking wine

There are other uses for this magical, aromatic bottle of sweetness aside from using it for those sexy massages. You don’t necessarily have to have a massage to reap the benefits of the natural oils that it provides. You can definitely use it as a daily moisturizer after taking a shower or pour it into your bath.

It’s Only Natural

Woman relaxing on a hammock

We all could use a relaxing massage with our romantic partners, or even just some good ol’ “me time” after a long, productive week. It’s only natural anyway to indulge your senses with Intimate Earth.

Love Naturally…

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